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About us

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On this homepage – www.marotimotor.hu – we wish to provide information to the internet public about a unique motorcycle collection displayed at 91 Nagykőrösi Street, Budapest, Hungary. On our ‘Collection’ page, you can see a number of restored motorcycles. In addition, we strive to provide as many interesting points and photos as possible for those interested in this barely-researched area of Hungarian technical history.

You may have wondered why at the turn of the twenty-first century anyone would want to collect Hungarian-made motorcycles, from all over the country, when they are considered relics of industrial history. Why would a person then restore these motorcycles and make the collection accessible to the general public? The answer is, naturally, very complex, but perhaps it all started in the 1950s, with my father, who was a well-respected independent motorcycle-mechanic with a workshop, on Kvassay Street, Budapest. Politics change his life as well: his workshop was nationalized; but he passed on his love of motor vehicles and his theoretical and practical knowledge to me.
Our motor vehicle technical bookshop (www.marotikonyvker.hu), which has been operating since 1991, has provided me with the opportunity to meet many excellent former designers and other active workers of the Csepel Motorcycle Factory, the Danuvia Tool Factory, Eger Fine Equipment Factory, etc. I have also had the good fortune to meet those who participated at races and those who prepared the rightly famous Hungarian motorcycles for the races..

I would like to take this opportunity to mention the name of my friend, Zoltán Ocskay, whose personal reassurances and professional expertise have meant a great deal to me. He was the one who persuaded me that there are still people who are interested in Hungarian veteran motorcycles.That it is worth putting together a permanent exhibition of these motorcycles.

My collection is not yet complete but it provides a good representation of the wide variety of Hungarian motorcycles from the 1937-1976 period. Take a look at our virtual exhibition, and if you are interested in seeing the motorcycles ‘face-to-face’, you are more than welcome to visit us in Nagykőrösi Street..

József Maróti
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Maróti Motorcycle collection
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