Calendar from the motorcycles of the Maróti Collection!

Our new calendar (2015) has been published. It includes only hungarian vetaran motorcycles from 1932 to 1969.

Every month we become acquaintance with an historic motorcycle, such as Pannonia, Csepel, Danuvia, Mátra or a Berva. All of the motorcycles are the part of the Maróti Motorcycle Collection, which is been on view in Budapest 1205 Nagykőrösi út 91, on the Open Days of the Collection (next one is on 7 December 2014. 10:00 AM), or ask for a special appointment only with a small group (minium 10 member). It is also interested each page of the calendar is a postcard too. So in the end of the month instead of thowing away the previous side of the calendet, you can send it to your family and friends. The calendar is already avaiable in the Maróti Bookshop and Press Kft.!